Gathering for Worship

We are delighted that we are able to come together to worship Sunday mornings.

We will be live streaming the service for anyone who doesn't feel ready to come. (Please be aware by coming there is a small chance of you being filmed). 



When we meet indoors we will be limited to approx.40 people. 

Annotation 2020-06-03 155554Because of limits on numbers for social distancing we need your help with our planning.

1. You will receive an email on Monday asking if you intend to come. Please reply by Thursday, which will allow us time to make provision for everyone who wants to come.

2. Please advise us of any guests who may come with you.


Let us know if you intend to come

Please let us know by clicking HERE if you intend to come to the service this week.


What to expect on arrival for a service inside

  1. We ask you to arrive via the church field and queue socially distance along the path as you wait to enter the church.
  2. The church will be ready and clean for you when you arrive.
  3. The windows will be open for ventilation with chairs positioned in accordance with social distancing measures.
  4. We may need to use upstairs and downstairs for seating.  Everyone will be able to take part.
  5. You will find hand sanitizer by all entry and exit points and upstairs and downstairs.
  6. We will arrange chairs according to social distancing measures.
  7. The toilets will be accessible from the exterior and interior of the church to allow socially distanced queuing and for use one household group at a time.
  8. The disabled toilet can be accessed from inside.
  9. There will be music but no singing.
  10. We will exit by one row at a time.
  11. We will not be serving communion at present.
  12. We will hold the record of attendance for 21 days after the service. (We have a privacy statement available if you would like to see it).

What we ask you to do

  • Please respect social distancing measures.
  • Please use hand santizer when you arrive.
  • Only come to the church if you or a member of you household are not showing symptoms.
  • Please do not attend if you have been asked to self isolate.
  • If you develop symptoms whilst at church, please tell the duty steward or pastor immediately.
  • If you subsequently develop symptoms, please make contact with us.
  • You are welcome to bring your own refreshments with you.
  • Bring you own bible if you would like to use one.
  • Please keep children with you at all times and bring your own toys.
  • Please do not move around the field to socialise before or after the service to maintain social distancing.
  • Let us know if you, your family or guests are intending to come.
  • If you would like to make an offering, please contact the office to make this online.

Open for Private Prayer

Click here for further information